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SOCF Fitness


Starting with zero members, SOCF Fitness faced the challenge of establishing its brand and building a community from the ground up. With a mission to empower individuals on their fitness journey, SOCF Fitness aimed to create an inclusive environment that welcomed everyone, from seasoned athletes to fitness novices. JRZ Marketing was tasked with transforming SOCF Fitness's digital footprint, enhancing member engagement, and driving growth across two locations in Orlando and St. Cloud.

Digital Strategy and Execution

Our collaboration with SOCF Fitness began with a comprehensive digital overhaul, including three website redesigns over six years to keep pace with the gym's evolving needs and growth. Our goal was to create a digital space that reflected SOCF Fitness's commitment to community, strength, and personal growth.

Website Redesign and Optimization

The redesigned websites focused on user experience, offering easy navigation to explore new classes, workshops, and the unique offerings of each location. By optimizing the site for engagement, we saw a significant increase in site sessions to 1,204 and unique visitors to 912, establishing a strong online presence.

Social Media Pioneering

On social media, particularly Instagram, SOCF Fitness became a pioneer among CrossFit gyms, achieving 20% more engagement than competitors. Our strategic content creation and community engagement efforts led to a 15% quarterly increase in shares and clicks back to the website, reinforcing the brand's online community.

Brand Establishment and Reviews

A critical component of our strategy was establishing SOCF Fitness as a trusted and welcoming fitness destination. Through targeted review management and community engagement, we successfully accumulated over 90 reviews on Google My Business, enhancing the gym's credibility and attracting new members.


Community Growth: From zero to over 200 members, transforming SOCF Fitness into a leading CrossFit gym in Central Florida with two thriving locations.

Digital Engagement: Enhanced website traffic and social media engagement, with significant increases in site sessions, unique visitors, and social media interactions.

Brand Recognition: Established SOCF Fitness as a trusted name in fitness, with a strong online presence and exceptional member reviews.

This case study highlights the journey of SOCF Fitness from its initial days to becoming a central figure in the fitness community. Through strategic digital marketing, website optimization, and a focus on community building, JRZ Marketing has helped SOCF Fitness not only reach but exceed its goals, proving that with the right partnership, any brand can achieve remarkable growth and success.


SOCF Fitness, a beacon in the fitness community for its motivational and authentic approach, partnered with JRZ Marketing to elevate its digital presence and expand its reach. From humble beginnings to becoming one of the best CrossFit gyms in Central Florida, SOCF Fitness's journey is a testament to the power of community and digital innovation.

Strategic Growth Collaborators

Our alliance reshapes the landscape of opportunity, crafting success stories through shared vision and unwavering support.

Strategic Growth Collaborators

Our alliance reshapes the landscape of opportunity, crafting success stories through shared vision and unwavering support.