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Green Source Florida


With two locations in Altamonte Springs and Downtown Orlando, Green Source FL is committed to offering a white-glove experience to its patients, ensuring quality of life improvements through safe, natural medical marijuana treatments. The challenge was to effectively communicate this commitment online, increase patient outreach, and simplify the treatment acquisition process.

Digital Strategy and Execution

JRZ Marketing's strategy encompassed a comprehensive digital overhaul, starting with a new website built on Wix, optimized for user experience and SEO. The goal was to make Green Source FL's services easily accessible, providing clear pathways for new, transferring, and renewing patients to obtain the care they need.

Website and SEO

The newly created website became a central hub for patients, offering detailed information on services, direct access to medical staff, and assistance with the medical marijuana registry process. Through targeted SEO efforts, the site's visibility skyrocketed, resulting in a 1,897% increase in site sessions and a 1,450% rise in unique visitors.

Google My Business Optimization

By optimizing Green Source FL's Google My Business profile, we generated 643 website clicks directly from the profile, enhancing local search visibility and patient engagement.

Social Media and Direct Traffic

A focused campaign across Google and Instagram boosted direct traffic by 1,683% and Google search traffic by 2,027%, with notable increases from Instagram and Facebook, demonstrating the power of integrated social media marketing.

Innovative Use of Store Point App

Utilizing the Store Point app, we integrated a dynamic map on the website, listing over 200 dispensaries across Florida. This feature not only provided value to site visitors but also significantly enhanced the site's SEO and user engagement.


The partnership between Green Source FL and JRZ Marketing yielded impressive outcomes:

Enhanced Digital Presence: The website revamp and SEO optimization led to a substantial increase in web traffic, with site sessions reaching 10,706 and unique visitors at 6,526.

Increased Patient Engagement: Direct and search traffic saw remarkable growth, with direct traffic at 5,170 and Google traffic at 3,849, alongside boosts from social channels.

Comprehensive Patient Support: The website now serves as a comprehensive resource for patients, offering easy access to services, educational content, and direct support.

This case study exemplifies how strategic digital marketing and patient-centric web design can significantly enhance the accessibility and visibility of healthcare services, leading to improved patient outcomes and business growth for Green Source FL.


Green Source FL, a leader in providing holistic and green alternatives for qualified patients in Central Florida, embarked on a mission to expand its reach and enhance patient experience. Partnering with JRZ Marketing, Green Source FL aimed to amplify its online presence and streamline patient access to medical marijuana treatments, "One Smile At A Time."

Strategic Growth Collaborators

Our alliance reshapes the landscape of opportunity, crafting success stories through shared vision and unwavering support.

Strategic Growth Collaborators

Our alliance reshapes the landscape of opportunity, crafting success stories through shared vision and unwavering support.