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Fine Ink Studios


Founded by Rick Barnett, Fine Ink Studios has grown from a single Orlando shop into a thriving franchise with over 10 locations across Central Florida. With a commitment to great tattoos, talented artists, and an inviting community, Fine Ink Studios aimed to elevate its brand and streamline the booking process to accommodate its growing clientele. JRZ Marketing was tasked with driving this expansion and enhancing the digital presence of Fine Ink Studios.

Digital Strategy and Execution

Our collaboration began with the development of a custom website on Wix, designed to reflect Fine Ink Studios' upscale, salon-like atmosphere and to facilitate easy booking for clients. The website served as a central hub for showcasing the studio's talented artists, diverse tattoo styles, and the welcoming Fine Ink family ethos.

Paid Advertising and Call Increase

Through targeted paid advertising campaigns in Central Florida, JRZ Marketing successfully increased bookings by 50%, demonstrating the effectiveness of our tailored marketing strategies. Additionally, we boosted calls to each location by 25%, ensuring that artists and clients could connect more easily than ever before.

Branding and Booking System Optimization

As Fine Ink Studios transitioned from three to over ten locations, JRZ Marketing focused on optimizing the brand's look and feel to ensure consistency across all franchises. We improved the booking system using Typeform, creating a seamless process for clients to express their vision and get matched with the perfect artist. Email marketing campaigns via Klaviyo further engaged the Fine Ink community, keeping them informed and excited about their body art journey.


Franchise Expansion: Supported the growth from 3 to over 10 locations, establishing Fine Ink Studios as the first tattoo franchise in the United States.

Increased Bookings: Achieved a 50% increase in bookings through effective paid advertising strategies.

Enhanced Client Engagement: Boosted calls by 25% across locations, improving client-artist connections.

Streamlined Booking Process: Optimized the booking experience, making it easier for clients to schedule their tattoos and piercings.
This case study showcases JRZ Marketing's role in propelling Fine Ink Studios into a new era of growth and success.

By leveraging digital marketing expertise and innovative strategies, we helped Fine Ink Studios not only expand its franchise but also enhance the overall client experience, solidifying its reputation as the most luxurious tattoo shop in Orlando and beyond.


Fine Ink Studios, a premier tattoo and piercing studio known for its exceptional artistry and inviting community atmosphere, embarked on a transformative journey with JRZ Marketing to redefine the body art experience. As the first tattoo franchise in the United States, Fine Ink Studios sought to expand its footprint and enhance client engagement through strategic digital marketing and branding efforts.

Strategic Growth Collaborators

Our alliance reshapes the landscape of opportunity, crafting success stories through shared vision and unwavering support.

Strategic Growth Collaborators

Our alliance reshapes the landscape of opportunity, crafting success stories through shared vision and unwavering support.