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Purple Ocean Superfood Bar®


Despite offering a tantalizing menu of nutritious eats, Purple Ocean Superfood Bar sought to amplify its digital footprint and attract more health-conscious customers. JRZ Marketing was tasked with overhauling their online strategy, from website optimization to targeted local search campaigns, all designed to increase visibility and drive engagement.

Digital Strategy and Execution

We initiated our partnership by crafting a bespoke website on Wix Studio, incorporating the latest front-end dynamics for an enhanced user experience. Our goal was to not only showcase the Superfood Bar's vibrant offerings but also to streamline the customer journey from discovery to dining.

Local Search Optimization

Understanding the importance of local visibility for a food establishment, we implemented a comprehensive local search optimization strategy. This approach significantly boosted Purple Ocean's presence in local search results, leading to a dramatic increase in business profile calls by 540, a clear indicator of our strategy's effectiveness.

SEO and Content Strategy

Our SEO efforts focused on elevating Purple Ocean's search engine rankings, resulting in a 214,900% increase in site sessions and an 182,900% rise in unique visitors. This web traffic surge was a direct outcome of our tailored content and SEO strategy, designed to attract and retain a diverse online audience.

Email Marketing Campaigns

To further engage with their audience, we launched targeted email marketing campaigns via Mailchimp, achieving a delivery rate of 96%, a click rate of 9.4%, and maintaining a low unsubscribe rate of 2.8%. These campaigns were instrumental in keeping the community informed and engaged with the latest offerings and news from Purple Ocean Superfood Bar.


The collaboration between Purple Ocean Superfood Bar and JRZ Marketing yielded unprecedented results:

Web Traffic Surge: Site sessions soared to 15,050, marking a 214,900% increase.

Visitor Engagement Revolution: Unique visitors reached 10,980, up by 182,900%.

Customer Interaction Boost: Business profile calls escalated to 540, showcasing the success of our local search optimization and engagement strategies.

Through strategic digital initiatives and a focus on local engagement, Purple Ocean Superfood Bar not only expanded its digital presence but also solidified its position as a leading destination for health-conscious eaters. This case study exemplifies JRZ Marketing's commitment to driving growth and enhancing visibility for our clients in the digital age.


Purple Ocean Superfood Bar, a vibrant health food haven, embarked on a digital transformation journey with JRZ Marketing to elevate its online presence and customer engagement. Leveraging cutting-edge strategies and tools, we aimed to make their nutritious offerings as accessible and enticing online as they are in person.

Strategic Growth Collaborators

Our alliance reshapes the landscape of opportunity, crafting success stories through shared vision and unwavering support.

Strategic Growth Collaborators

Our alliance reshapes the landscape of opportunity, crafting success stories through shared vision and unwavering support.