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Railing Max


Since its inception, Railing Max has focused on delivering high-quality, custom railing designs for indoor and outdoor applications. Facing the challenge of increasing brand visibility and driving customer engagement, Railing Max sought JRZ Marketing's expertise to amplify its online presence and generate significant project bookings.

Digital Strategy and Execution

Our collaboration with Railing Max was centered around building a robust digital marketing strategy, including website optimization, social media engagement, and targeted Google Ads campaigns. Our goal was to showcase Railing Max's portfolio of sophisticated railing solutions and streamline the customer journey from discovery to booking.

Website Optimization and Social Media Engagement

We enhanced Railing Max's website to highlight their extensive portfolio and detailed information on railing systems, resulting in a 104% increase in site sessions and a 73% rise in unique visitors. Through strategic content and engagement on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, we boosted traffic from social media, with Instagram sessions increasing by 16% and Facebook by 342%.

Google Ads Campaign Management

With a monthly budget of $2,000 to $5,000, we managed Google Ads campaigns aimed at maximizing bookings. Our targeted approach ensured Railing Max appeared prominently in search results related to custom railings, significantly increasing visibility among potential clients. This strategy led to an impressive 305% increase in traffic from Google, directly contributing to an increase in bookings ranging from $5,000 to $20,000 per project.


Enhanced Digital Presence: Achieved a substantial increase in website traffic and social media engagement, effectively raising Railing Max's online profile.

Increased Bookings: Successfully generated 15-25 high-value bookings monthly through targeted Google Ads, significantly impacting Railing Max's revenue.

Market Positioning: Established Railing Max as a leading provider of custom railing solutions, known for its sophisticated designs and personalized service.

This case study demonstrates the impact of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy on driving business growth for specialized service providers like Railing Max. Through targeted advertising, social media engagement, and website optimization, JRZ Marketing has helped Railing Max achie


Railing Max, a premier provider of custom railing solutions for both residential and commercial projects, partnered with JRZ Marketing to enhance its digital presence and drive project bookings. Specializing in a variety of railing systems, Railing Max offers personalized service from selection through installation, ensuring each client's vision is brought to life with elegance and precision.

Strategic Growth Collaborators

Our alliance reshapes the landscape of opportunity, crafting success stories through shared vision and unwavering support.

Strategic Growth Collaborators

Our alliance reshapes the landscape of opportunity, crafting success stories through shared vision and unwavering support.